Our values
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein


Innovation is an essential part of our product development process. Its combination with the newest available technology is what makes Rennstahl’s products so special. Our company structure is designed around a dynamic attitude to product development: if a solution to a specific design problem is not available off the shelf, we roll up our sleeves and create one. This is what keeps us ahead, in terms of both the build quality of our bikes and their exceptional ride characteristics.




In order to reach our stringent quality requirements, we always invest in the best available tools, materials and components. We source our tube sets from Reynolds, a British firm that has been leading this sector of the bicycle industry for over a century. Instead of using standard alloys, we purchase alloys specially modified for us by Reynolds. When selecting components, only the best is good enough – all our suppliers are at the top of their individual field. A further important criterion for us when deciding whether to work with a particular supplier is their level of innovation and their openness to collaborative product development.

Quality control is not outsourced; we know what we want, so we carry out all quality checks ourselves before releasing a bike for despatch.




Sustainability in its wider sense is also important to us. As bicycle manufacturers we are pleased to be part of a general trend of bikes changing the world for the better, in terms of a cleaner environment, healthier lifestyles, reduced traffic jams, freedom from constantly rising petrol prices, and addressing the issue of climate change. We too do our part, working to keep our transportation routes as short as possible, and trying – wherever possible – to source suppliers within Germany or neighbouring countries.




All our endeavours derive from a single desire: to pass on to our customers the sense of freedom that we ourselves find within cycling. This freedom begins with the flexibility we offer in the range of components that can be selected, and goes right through to the degree of satisfaction and trust that customers have in the finished product. And beyond: we derive great satisfaction from the fact that once they leave our premises, each of our bikes goes on to provide a very special form of freedom, the freedom of movement.