Our origins
Past, present, future

Falkenjagd I Rennstahl in a nutshell:
Independent and innovative manufacturers of high-end bike frames and bikes, with a skilled and well-resourced in-house design team:
‘if a solution isn’t available, we create one’.


Falkenjagd I Rennstahl in a little more detail:
Compared to venerable frame builders like Klein and Serotta, we are of course relatively new arrivals.
And yes, 30 years ago we too were discovering mountain biking while sitting atop their machines.
We were riding bikes that have now acquired cult status: from the legendary Gary Klein’s colourful Dolomiti, Tom Ritchey’s unique P21,
the GT Zaskar, Chris Chance’s Fat Chance Yo Eddy, and the first titanium Litespeed, to Yeti and Rocky Mountain bikes,
we seem to have had pretty much everything below our behinds.
Each bike had its own charm and personality,
deriving from the people who took time to design, weld and build them.
But over recent years we began to notice that much of this individual character has disappeared from bicycle production.
And we just can’t bond with garishly-coloured carbon fibre machines.
For us, the frame is the heart of a bike.
So in 2005 we began to build frames for ourselves and a few of our closest friends.





“The starting point for the launch of our business was the desire to produce a high-value product that would connect people with a similar attitude to life.
No pre planned obsolescence, no throwaway products.
The world has already got enough of those.”








The fact that we are working as engineers in aviation industry
perhaps explains why we were driven by curiosity about the future,
rather than nostalgia. What will such-and-such a new material turn out to be capable of?
How much will it be able to take, before it breaks?
The development of a Falkenjagd or Rennstahl frame is a complex process,
simultaneously very precise, deeply self-reflective and often highly emotional –
characterised by passion and enthusiasm, and sometimes also disappointment, when things don’t turn out the way we want.
Our field of view ranges far beyond our nearest competitors within the bike industry.
We use techniques derived from the aviation and space industries, engineering,
and the automobile industry, making use of our access to the most modern finishing technologies
and test installations within leading research establishments.
We are driven by an ambition to be ever better, to further develop both ourselves and the products.
To always be one step ahead.
To not just be at the cutting edge, but to be defining it.

To achieve this, every day we push ourselves on to discover new things.
Despite our successes, we need to keep challenging ourselves.
This drive is what leads us to achieve new breakthroughs on the conceptual level;
these developments and their subsequent implementation in conjunction
with the newest technology are the reason for Falkenjagd and Rennstahl’s
unique position in the world of cycling.






Construction of our first titanium frame
Production run: three.



2007: Launch of the Falkenjagd brand

We don’t want our business to be about leading in terms of units produced.
We want it to lead in the quality, strength and durability of its products, and in terms of sustainability.
This philosophy should give people a perspective and gift them trust in the future of our planet.
Our focus is on extremely lightweight mountain bikes and extremely fast racers,
along with tourers of the highest quality – all built to last,
and built to inspire people to go cycling.

We’re only interested in frames that possess charm, personality and individuality.
Each bike we build brings 110% reliability, both tests and supports its owner – for a long time.
Each is a bike that wants to be ridden, as often as possible.

Titanium means strength and durability.
Falkenjagd stands for innovation and individuality.
Falkenjagd titanium bikes can’t be beaten.



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2009: Development of the Falkenjagd logo

The word ‘Falkenjagd’ means ‘falconry’, and we chose it as a name after a visit to a falconry centre near where we live.
Observing these birds of prey, unsurpassed in their speed and ease of movement as they dominated the sky, we were transfixed.
The falcon became a kind of totemic animal to us and,
in a stylised form created by our children, took pride of place
on the head badge of Falkenjagd bikes.





2013: Launch of the Rennstahl brand

2013 saw the launch of our first steel bike, the 853 MTB Pinion.
Its success immediately identified Rennstahl as the embodiment of freedom and reliability.
Our orientation was towards classic steel frame design, but we have always interpreted the material in a modern, timeless way.
Our main focus was, and remains, on touring bikes of the highest quality;
loyal companions both for adventures in far-flung places and for everyday riding.
But our stainless-steel road racers and MTBs have also managed to kick up a storm,
impressing even the most critical cycle journalists in a succession of glowing reviews and product tests.
Rennstahl is about building top quality bikes that combine innovation with durability,
giving our customers access to every road, path or track on the planet – deserts and ice floes too, if that’s what they want.
And in a world of throwaway consumerism, the fact that our bikes are
built to last is also a statement for sustainability.
We want each bike we build to be a unique example of true craftsmanship,
becoming part of its rider and bringing absolute reliability.
A bike that both tests and supports – for many, many years.

In summary, Rennstahl represents absolute reliability, cleverly thought-out details and – above all – durability.



2013: Development of the Rennstahl logo

The Rennstahl logo resembles a letter ‘A’, which could very well stand for the names of its designers, Astrid and Andreas.
But actually, a further meaning is concealed within it.
It is the lambda emblem of Leonidas, the great Spartan warrior-king.
(The lambda was rendered in triplicate so that the emblem could always be read,
whichever way round the shield was held.)
For their lightweight shields and weapon-making, the Spartans perfected the working of iron.
And therein lies the connection with Rennstahl.






“One could almost say that bikes are a religion to us.
We are totally passionate about them, they are an irreplaceable part of our lives.
This begins in the morning, with the first thoughts of the day,
and often lasts until late in the evening,
with discussions around some theory or obsession.
But it’s when we’re out cycling, at one with our environment,
that we get our best ideas.”





The Falkenjagd and Rennstahl ranges expanded to include 15 and 17 bikes respectively,
with totals of around 200 and 250 bikes being sent out across the world each year.



2016 onwards:

Falkenjagd and Rennstahl are set to continue as world leaders in titanium and steel frame building –
collectively a synonym for a particular way of life,
and for technical innovation.
We want to bring people to cycling, no matter which bike and which brand.
For cycling is movement, and movement is life.