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8 reasons for your Falkenjagd Titan Bike

The best bike for the best price

Falkenjagd Titan Bikes is a direct sales manufacturer, which means there is no middleman. This keeps prices relatively low.


Direct sales means direct contact

We have designed these bikes, and we build them too. We know them inside out; the depth of our product knowledge means you can get clear and comprehensive answers to any questions you may have.


Five-year guarantee

More evidence of the quality of our products. In addition, we carry out regular, thorough quality control checks on our frames, forks and components.


Falkenjagd Titan Bikes is a leader in technology

Our bikes are characterised by an array of innovations. A number of these have gone on to become standard in touring or racing cycling and have been adopted by other manufacturers.


Falkenjagd builds the stiffest titanium frames

Our bikes are developed for the rigours of touring and racing. We have identified the perfect compromise between the often conflicting requirements for durability, weight and stiffness. Our tourer bikes are built to carry exceptionally heavy loads.


Dependable delivery service

Our bikes are packed securely so that they enjoy optimal protection during the delivery process. They are despatched in boxes large enough to mean that the wheels do not need to be removed.


Falkenjagd is ranked as Number One

Regular top placings in bike magazines, across the full range of product categories, demonstrate that we set the standard for others to try and match.


We are cyclists ourselves

We don’t build or sell anything that we wouldn’t want to ride ourselves.